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Frequently Asked Questions


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Order Related Questions

We Use a Service Called Print on Demand Where once YourOrder Is Placed It Goes To 1 Of Our Warehouses to Start Production. Once YourItem Has Finished in Production Between 2-7 Days, we Then Send It To You Fromone Of Our Warehouses Located in Australia, USA, China And Europe And You ThenShould Receive Your Items within 2-3 Weeks.

Our Products are Made In Australia, China, USA And Europe.

If you made a mistake with your order (incorrect address,incorrect size selection, Incorrect Colour etc), or you would like to cancelyour order - Please message us ASAP.

If you fail to contact us there maybe nothing we Can do at this stage, it is likely your order has already beendispatched or has entered production (for printed apparel and accessories).

If you gave us the wrong address and the item has beendispatched, sorry there is nothing we can do as it is no longer in our hands. The only advice we can give you is to contact your countries postalservice and see if they can intercept the package.

If the parcel ends up being returned to us, we can shipit out to you again at your cost (You Will Have to Repay Shipping and HandlingCosts etc,)

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request foran exchange, replacement, or refund within 30 days of receiving the order.Return restrictions are detailed on our Refund Policy.

Free promotional items are not eligible for a refund.Due to the nature of these free promotional items, there is no refundapplicable because you are not paying for the item.

There are also restrictions on Clothing items that havebeen worn, cosmetics, and undergarments. We are also not obliged to offer anexchange or refund on items which are the incorrect size. However, pleasecontact us as we will treat each case on an individual basis.

If an item is defective, we will either replace it at nocost to you, or you can return it for a full refund.

To File for a refund or exchange Head To our Returns Portal And fill in the following details.

Shipping & Delivery Questions

We source from multiple POD Suppliers In USA, Australia,China and Europe, due to this fact items are often sent from differentlocations, and are in separate packages.  Your additional items are on theway and should not be too far behind!

Deliveries Can Take up to 2-4 Weeks Depending on the time OfYear and Your Location. In Some Cases, May Take Longer. Once It Leaves OurWarehouses It Is Out of Our Control Therefore Will Rely On The DeliveryCompany. Any Product That You Do Not Receive Within 40 Days will Be Eligiblefor a Refund Or Replacement. Just Send us an Email.

We Ship to Most Countries. If You Are Unsure Then Feel Freeto Contact Us And we will Be Able to Assist You.

No, your tracking number is not wrong. Tracking numbers cantake several days (and in some rare cases, up to 10 days) to become active inthe tracking system.  If you have received a shipping notification and atracking number, then rest assured your item is on the way.

If your Item has been damaged or you receive the wrong item,Please send us a Message As Soon As Possible Thank you.

Can Contact us Here


We accept all Credit Cards and PayPal. If you are unsureplease feel free to Contact us Thank you.

Absolutely they Are. We Are Level 1 PCI Compliance. And weUse 256-Bit SSL Encryption to protect the connection between you and ourwebsite.  Our store is Being powered by Shopify, which is the largeste-Commerce platform on the planet, used by millions of Small & large onlinestores.


You can find our products you can Customize by heading over to Our Personalization Category Thanks.

There are 2 ways to Customize Products.

1. You can head over to Our Design Editor which you can Find a Small Range of our Products on an easy to Use editor. Where you Can Add your Own Pictures and Text or Use one of our Ready to Use Patterns available.

2. Our Bigger range of products have a Personalization section on the Product Page where you can add your own Pictures or Text.

No worries please message us as Soon as Possible. So, we can help fix it Thanks. If you leave it too long we may be Unable to Help you as there is a chance the product may have already started Production.

Feel free to send us a Message on Social Media or by emailing us at

Other Questions

As our Clothing is Printed using a Direct to Garment Printer. There are Special Care instructions that need to Follow when washing.

Step 1. Turn your T-shirt inside out.

Step 2. Fill your washing machine with cold water.

Step 3. Use the correct amount of soap and DO NOT use Bleach.

Step 4. Use the gentle cycle on your washing machine.

Step 5. Air Dry your t-shirt or use the LOW heat setting on your dryer.

Failing to follow these Instructions may void our Return Policy.

Please Send us an Email or Contact US Here

Retail Items: These have a full 30-day refund guaranteeOnce Received.

If you don't like the item or it is defective, We willeither replace it at no cost to you, or you can send it back to us for a fullrefund Minus Shipping Costs.  Any item that does not arrive within 40days will be eligible for a replacement or refund.

Clothing & Cosmetic Items: Clothing items suchas t-shirts, Jumpers Etc. Have a 30-Day Refund Guarantee If the Item IsDefective or you Received the Wrong Item etc.

For change Of Minds, Wrong Size Ordered, Does Not Fit.Will Be Reviewed On A Case By Case Basis. underwear, and/or cosmetic itemscannot be returned or replaced unless they are defective.  If they are defective,we will send a replacement or provide a refund. Ensure you select the correctsize, as we will not be liable for incorrect sizing selections.

Free Promotional Items: Due to the nature of thesefree promotional items, (Free + Shipping) there is no refund applicable becauseyou are not paying for the item.

Read Our Refund Policy